I am Estelle, a magical, playful being that will put a spell on you and overwhelm you like you have never witnessed it before. Many men who have fallen for me describe me as a tender sadist who is always happy to try out new things.

My lean, delicate figure, my long blonde hair and my sweet smile will not reveal to you the brutalities that I am capable of. First, I show myself as a gentle seductress and I bewitch you with my sweet-talk, but as soon as I start to lay on your chains, you notice the spark in my eyes and start to feel a change in my substance.

The dark goddess in me awakens and has chosen you as her victim.

And so I place my well-shaped butt cheeks on your face and take your breath away. When my passion fully overcomes me, I order you to drink my sweet champagne. You will serve your mistress and you will not refuse any of her perverted cunnilingus fantasies. I love to force men to satisfy my lust.

The higher your commitment, the higher the chance for you to be chosen for such a service. So make an effort and make sure you please your goddess! My beauty is like a trap. I look so sweet and girly, but in me is a small playful she-devil. You will be begging for mercy with your exasperated moaning and suffering, no, the game is not near to over! It peaks in a discharging frenzy of my unbridled lecherousness up to my rapture about your agonies.

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