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LadyEstelle has a new adorer, a filthy rich, but pretty arrogant banker. Time to set some limits to this brat. And as this exercise is so much more fun together with some friends, Lady Anna Petrovna and Lady Elysees are joining. The horny capitalistic bastard shows up with the idea in mind to have a quick and dirty shag with the three high class ladies just between two customer meetings. How mistaken he is! The three outstanding mistresses have entirely different plans for this randy pig. Starting with his cock and balls the arrogance is beaten out of the worm. But this is just the start. The three ladies have prepared a unique lesson in humility and submission for the asshole. Demoted to be a lust slave and toy, one lady after the other is riding the slave’s face. Instead of his dick, Bankerboy will only be able to drown is tongue in the buttholes of the ladies to lick them clean. Stupid as he is, he still believes being the one who is bossing the show. Doing so, he has lost his last free credit lines. Cum smudged and soaked in the golden showerof the ladies, the slave pigs is getting kicked out on the street for his next appointment. Never ever to have a shag with the ladies.
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EverythingSlave schrieb vor 107 Tagen:
3 amazing ladies - the Banker certainly got what he hoped for ..and more !