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Again a slave has fallen into the hands of LadyEstelle and her latex girlfriend. Tied to the bed of the Edelweiss Suite of Sweet Tabu he experiences what it means to be helplessly at the mercy of two goddesses. Even as four hands caress and wank his dick, he cannot enjoy it because his balls are squeezed in a press whose thorns drill deeper and deeper into his sack, bringing his blazing balls close to pop. The best condition for a tease and denial session from which there is no escape. His pathetic moaning is interrupted with a penis gag. And as the slave seems to experience some pain whenever his dick is touched, the dildo in the mouth of the salve has to be used instead. While LadyEstelle is riding the slave’s face, her latex maid is sending the slave into one round of edging after the next. Desperately the slave bitch is fighting against his orgasm because there is no jerking off without the permission of the mistress!
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