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Domina’s dream is a slave who is not shy of pleasing his mistress and being useful in every matter. Such a kind is kneeling in front of Lady Estelle and Lady Anna Petrovna. While he is licking foreign cum off boots and serves as greedy spittoon, he lacks manners which have to be hammered into him. Only after having felt the punishing hand of Lady Estelle, he qualifies to lick the tasty pussy juice of his goddess‘ vibrator. The sweet smelling pussy of his mistress in front of his face obviously remains a taboo for the slave. But he is allowed to enjoy the golden juices in large amounts. Sip by sip he is given, first through the funnel, later directly from its source until the golden champagne of his mistresses is running all over his face. And at the end every drop that he missed will be cleaned from the floor, of course.
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