The heart of Charlottenburg, the noble reference district of former West-Berlin, is the place where Sweet Tabu is situated. A dominatrix studio, unequalled in terms of elegance, style and equipment. Founded in 2018, it is one of the newest studios in Berlin.

At Sweet Tabu nothing resembles to a dark and dodgy dungeon. The owner, Lady Estelle has consequently selected premium quality materials, in many cases even tailor made equipment for her studio. Despite her youth she could make her choices based on a long lasting experience as dominatrix, mistress and fetish queen so that four completely different rooms have been created which offer ultimate enjoyment for Ladies as well as for their slaves when playing kinky games.

The layout of the studio allows multiple ladies to simultaneously play with their victims in absolute discretion. Furthermore Sweet Tabu offers options for long-term imprisonment of unruly slaves. Naturally there is also a classy bathroom available so that the sub is able to submit himself to his Lady in absolute cleanliness, respectively has the chance of taking a shower after the session.

Dominatrices interested in booking one or several rooms are welcomed to get in touch with Lady Estelle. The entire studio (or single rooms) is also available for photo / video shoots or private events of any kind upon request. Inquiries shall be directed to Lady Estelle.

The Darkroom

The darkroom is the most spacious room of Sweet Tabu, offering countless kinky games to be played. Kept in classic, dark colours with heavy black furniture, the room is equipped with all nasty things needed to push a slave to his limits – and beyond. Choosing between the bondage bed, a whipping bench, a sex machine, a toilet chair or a pillory – no game is impossible in that room. The Mistress is supervising all from her black dominatrix throne which is sitting on a stage that can also be used for presenting slaves and humiliating them in front of others. The room also holds two dungeons available to host slaves in a species appropriate way.

Due to its size the Darkroom is also an excellent choice for bizarre events with multiple participants.

The Leather Saloon

A room which has little in common with a typical SM studio. Heavy earthy colours and dark-brown leather remind oneself more of a colonial style smoking room for gentlemen. But this room has not been designed with the intention to offer gentlemen a relaxed and pleasant time. The prominent pillory, the cage or the bondage bench give a clear impression that the purpose of this room is to exorcise the demons of male nonsense by the firm hand of a lady. Alternatively the room is well suited for the introduction of novice slaves as it offers a rather intimate, non-studio type of atmosphere, allowing the novice to taste the suffering and the enjoyment of bizarre pleasure.

The Moulin Rouge

Inspired by a saloon of the Belle Epoque in Paris, this room is completely kept in heavy red colour. Even the toys in that room are welcoming the visitor in shiny, fiery red – be that dildos, plugs or other. The slave who is going to meet his lady in that room will have no choice, but falling in love with the colour red. Moulin Rouge can be the secret retreat for body worshipping sessions, where the slave is providing to his lady utmost satisfaction. Moulin Rouge can also serve as merciless red hell in which the slave has to suffer from corporal punishment or has to serve as torture object to his Mistress.

The Edelweiss Suite

White leather, white furniture, light floors, crystals and white light are creating the stage for extraordinarily bizarre games. A unique room, unequalled in this world! No, a session does not need to happen in darkness, no a studio does not need to be coloured in black and no, a white room does not necessarily need to be a clinic. This room opens up new horizons. No matter if being tied to the bed, fixed to the gyno chair or floating in the air like an angel while being hooked to the winch, there are countless opportunities to make the slave suffer while the lady is lounging on her white dominatrix throne.